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Integritee harnesses the speed and confidentiality of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) as well as the transparency and trust of public blockchains to create the fastest, most scalable Web3 protocol for securely processing sensitive data.

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and performance without sacrificing trust

Integritee utilizes the blockchain to create security and trust without the computational compromises. Centralized approaches to data-driven services tend to be fast and convenient, but involve big compromises of user privacy and data security.

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Privacy & security

The security and trust of the blockchain with the speed and power of enterprise grade confidential computing hardware.

Speed & scalabillity

The scalability of second-layer technology based on substrate for building state of the art data-driven dApps and services.

A network secured and governed
by our TEER token

The Integritee ecosystem is securely built and governed
by our trusted community of TEER token holders. Join
the movement for scaling a secure and fast Web3.

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