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Integritee combines the security and trust of Polkadot, the scalability of second-layer solutions, and the confidentiality of trusted execution environments (TEEs) to help you build applications with unrivaled speed, verifiable privacy, and interoperability at scale.

Quickstart tutorial

Learn how to build an Integritee DApp in minutes!

Step 1

Read the intro about our SDK and what it offers.

Step 2

Play through our Sidechain tutorial to get a local setup working.

Step 3

Write your own logic.

Step 4

Deploy your dApp publicly.

Resource center

Sidechain SDK
Web3 development tool
Integritee's Sidechain SDK is ideal for building any decentralized application that requires low latency, scalability, and confidentiality.
Develop a new dapp from scratch
Add to an existing project
Sub-second block production times
Combined 1M transactions per second
Advanced privacy features
Off-Chain Worker
Secure off-chain computational tool
Extend blockchain utility with secure off-chain computation and increase the available computing power for your applications.
Set up trusted Off-Chain Workers to execute customs state transition functions inside TEEs
Balance high performance with cost efficiency
Increase computational efficiency by integrating off-chain operations
Trusted oracle framework
Build trusted oracles that run inside TEEs to securely and efficiently bridge the gap between Web2 data sources and Web3 systems.
Be assured that both the oracle service and all retrieved data are secure and unaltered
Customize data requests (e.g., source, content, type) and schedules according to your needs
Obtain the security of a decentralized oracle and match the efficiency of a centralized provider
Public auditability service
Add public auditability to your confidential processes with our decentralized remote attestation service - a transparent on-chain proof of integrity.
Prove that the TEE hardware used is genuine
Verify that all data and processes inside TEEs are untampered and confidential at all times
Add public auditability by storing the verification proof (attestation result) on our public network

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