From DeFi
to gaming, Integritee powers scalability and security for Web3

A new generation technology serving thousands of possible use cases across multiple industries for the next millions of users.

Use cases

Ajuna builds performant decentralized games

“Decentralized” games are still mostly centralized (backend) and are only using minor features like tokens and NFTs


Performant TEE-based Sidechain that is running the high-end game logic, which can scale to potential millions of users and 2,000 transactions per second

High-quality decentralized gaming experience with low latencies ensured through 300 ms block times

Confidential game states and transfers of value and information without revealing details

Encointer utilizes Integritee to create a performant local currency system

Serving millions with local currencies is a resource-demanding act and not all details of your daily habits should be transparent on chain


TEE-based Sidechains to run local currencies in a confidential way without revealing sensitive data

Horizontally scalable solution, as Sidechains run independently from each other

Litentry utilizes Integritee to secure their DID solution

Linking ID information from several networks creates vulnerable access points


TEE-based Sidechain to securely and confidentially store and process identity-linking information

The security and privacy of sensitive user data is verified and its proof transparently published and stored on our network

OLI Systems utilizes Integritee to have a decentralized market clearing engine

A decentralized trading platform requires speed, scalability 
and confidentiality of bids and orders


Sidechain to run the market clearing/trading algorithm that matches bids and orders without revealing their details

Proof of Execution stored on our L1 parachain to ensure transparency and verifiability

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