TEER, a token with utility and long-term value

Our token empowers utility, governance and value at the same time, making it a valuable asset.

How it works

TEER, a Substrate native token

The TEER token is the fuel driving the Integritee platform — a common token across both our Kusama and Polkadot parachains. The token is designed in such a way that it has an intrinsic value that increases with adoption.

Governance by TEER holders keeps the network thriving and secured

TEER holders are the heart of our network, as they decide on how the network is governed and moving forward. Every TEER holder is an equal active participating member with a voice and responsible to ensure the healthiness of the ecosystem.

Keeping a healthy balance through the network Treasury

Fees are collected in an on-chain treasury. Treasury funds are used for ongoing maintenance and software, as well as ecosystem development and community activity rewards.

Questions about TEER?

Read our Tokenomics paper to fully understand how TEER integrates with Integritee network and what its benefits and utility are.

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