Introducing a product suite for developing Web3 projects that are secure AND scalable

All our development tools and products are fostering a sustainable, workable Web3 to power the future of the internet and beyond.

Why are our tools amazing?

Unrivalled speed at scale

Our shardable second-layer sidechains deliver unrivalled transaction speed and volumes at sub-second block production times.

Privacy by design

By using TEEs to enable confidential state transitions, our solution protects sensitive data and helps to ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR.

Verifiable integrity

Users can verify that their data has been processed in a genuine TEE through public records on our parachain, fostering transparency and trust.

Independent economic model

Every sidechain or Dapp operator can determine the fees for exchange independently from integritee.

Flexible deployment

You are free to run TEEs on own suitable hardware or rent it at standard market rates. Operate the nodes either on premise or in the cloud.

Low fees

Use TEER – our native cryptocurrency token and keep transaction costs at only a fraction of a cent and maintained at a stable USD price to ensure predictable costs.

We're Integritee

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