Integritee is when privacy and security meet speed and scalability

The combination of confidential computing and a Substrate-based public chain is the foundation for our superior tech.

How it works

TEE enterprise hardware ensures the speed and confidentiality of our solution

A trusted execution environment (TEE) is an isolated area within a computer processor that runs separately from the standard OS. Any data processed within a TEE is accessible to no one, not even the admin. A public auditability service will provide all users with assurance that their data can only be processed in pre-defined ways in an isolated and trustworthy hardware environment.

Integritee’s blockchain builds upon the Polkadot network

Polkadot is a scalable and secure protocol that serves as the foundation for an interoperable network of blockchains. The network provides the basis for Web 3.0 — a new, fully decentralized internet. On Polkadot, any type of data can be exchanged between the blockchains inside the ecosystem. Polkadot’s key benefit is that it provides pooled security and cross-chain messaging for all network participants.

Deployment at any stage of your development

Our architecture allows a permissioned or permissionless deployment no matter what requirement you have. Servers can also be self hosted on premise or hosted in the cloud. Our network is providing a great flexlibility for applications operators to host and maintain the solutions.

Rust & Substrate runtime compatibility

The Integritee SDK is compatible with Substrate runtime pallets and Rust code can be simply integrated with our SDK to run a decentralized application. With a few lines of glue-code, you can reuse your pallets and instantiate them on our chain. It is even possible to trustlessly interact between on- and off-chain runtimes.

What will you create?

If the major problems associated with programming on the blockchain are solved...

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